The 50/50 Project

Unlocking the secrets to lifelong partnership.

I am creating a collection of photographs and interviews where I feature couples who have earned 50 years of marriage/partnership together.

I am interested specifically in couples who have been together for a long time and couples who have weathered storms such as illness or ill fate. I want to understand the secrets of lasting partnership. I guess part of my intrigue is based on my own experiences. As part of the documentation process I will likely conduct a short interview in which I will not ask more than you are comfortable answering.

I would prefer to photograph the couples in environments that are meaningful to them such as their homes, places where they were actually married, parks they frequent, or any other place that will put the couples at ease and allow them to simply be who they are. I do want the place where the images are captured to have special meaning to the couples.

My feelings are that this will start as a special feature, located on my photography website. I would then accumulate many similar entries into what could eventually become a book.


Project Sponsors

Jared and Stacy Neale - Redstone Crossfit