Podcast: The Solopreneur Hour with Michael O'Neal

Who: Michael O’Neal hosting Dennis Yu

What: Podcast - Ep 783 The 9 Triangles of Destiny, with Blitzmetrics Dennis Yu

When: Published July 1, 2019

Where: https://solopreneurhour.com/podcast/783-the-9-triangles-of-destiny-with-blitzmetrics-dennis-yu/

Why: In this episode Dennis Yu drops some knowledge about how to create a process based business. This allows for growth. Once you have completed a task or job, you can figure out the steps of that process and systematize it. At that point you can decide to work in or on the business. Worth a listen.

Source: https://solopreneurhour.com/podcast/783-the-9-triangles-of-destiny-with-blitzmetrics-dennis-yu/

Podcast: On Purpose - Chrissy Metz: On How She Went From Having 81 Cents to Being the Star

Who: Jay Shetty Hosting Chrissy Metz (This is Us)

What: Podcast

When: Published June 24, 2019; Ep 39

Where: https://jayshetty.me/chrissy-metz/

Why: I always like to hear how creators go from the cliche role of starving artist to “success”. In this case, Chrissy Metz from this is us talks to Jay Shetty during his podcast about just that. She offers a ton of insight into the journey and I actually listened to this episode twice. Enjoy.

Podcast: Ray Dalio - ON How to Define Success for Yourself and Set Your Goals

Who: Jay Shetty Hosting Ray Dalio

What: Ray Dalio: ON How to Define Success for Yourself and Set Your Goals

When: Published June 10, 2019; Ep 35

Where: https://jayshetty.me/ray-dalio/

Why: I liked how Ray Dalio was able to break down being deliberate with your decision making. This one was also less than an hour long, so it made for a good bike ride today.