Podcast: The Solopreneur Hour with Michael O'Neal

Who: Michael O’Neal hosting Dennis Yu

What: Podcast - Ep 783 The 9 Triangles of Destiny, with Blitzmetrics Dennis Yu

When: Published July 1, 2019

Where: https://solopreneurhour.com/podcast/783-the-9-triangles-of-destiny-with-blitzmetrics-dennis-yu/

Why: In this episode Dennis Yu drops some knowledge about how to create a process based business. This allows for growth. Once you have completed a task or job, you can figure out the steps of that process and systematize it. At that point you can decide to work in or on the business. Worth a listen.

Source: https://solopreneurhour.com/podcast/783-the-9-triangles-of-destiny-with-blitzmetrics-dennis-yu/