Road To 1000 Thanks You's

In my last blog post I had mentioned how I sent a video to a friend who was trying to better understand exposure. Something really cool happened today. I saw that he thanked me for that on his latest YouTube video.

This was especially cool because I simply wanted to share what I knew with him for the sake of him understanding it better. I guess that is why I am writing this post. You never know how helpful you can be until you try. Seeing his public thank you in the form of a YouTube post made me super happy too. That’s what’s cool, I felt happy to help him and then felt even more stoked when he posted the thank you. It made a difference for both him and I.

You should check out his channel (Demian Ross, link below). He is a content creator that started with a simple mission to make 300 videos within one year. His last video was number 466 and he is now on his way to make 1000 videos within a three year time span. Check him out!

Here’s the video and here’s his channel.