Road To 1000 Thanks You's

In my last blog post I had mentioned how I sent a video to a friend who was trying to better understand exposure. Something really cool happened today. I saw that he thanked me for that on his latest YouTube video.

This was especially cool because I simply wanted to share what I knew with him for the sake of him understanding it better. I guess that is why I am writing this post. You never know how helpful you can be until you try. Seeing his public thank you in the form of a YouTube post made me super happy too. That’s what’s cool, I felt happy to help him and then felt even more stoked when he posted the thank you. It made a difference for both him and I.

You should check out his channel (Demian Ross, link below). He is a content creator that started with a simple mission to make 300 videos within one year. His last video was number 466 and he is now on his way to make 1000 videos within a three year time span. Check him out!

Here’s the video and here’s his channel.

YouTube - Peter McKinnon: THE BUCKET SHOT

Who: Peter McKinnon

What: YouTube - PeterMcKinnon: THE BUCKET SHOT

When: Published Dec 27, 2018


Why: Peter McKinnon is an amazing photographer and film maker. He has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube and it is well deserved. He is a master of the craft.. This video shows a little bit about how he got started. More importantly though, it shows how he had an idea for an image that he wanted to make and he followed through until it was a reality. Check the link above!