Free Stuff

On this page I have included some of the resources I made for you to have.  I hope you find them helpful.  They are free to you!  I just hope that if you enjoy them and find them useful, you share with friends so that they can use them and tell their friends as well.

ADSR (3).png


This is an resource that explains a typical ADSR Envelope used in sound synthesis.  I have included an illustration that highlights the parts of the envelope and have included an explanation below as to what each part does.  This is an support item to a YouTube tutorial that I created explaining ADSR Envelopes.

BC (1).jpg

6 Ways To Chill Before The Gig

This is a free guide, directed towards photographers, on how to calm your nerves before a new gig.  In it, I provide 6 ways that you can calm yourself and reduce your nervous energy before and during a photography gig.