“How can you be better than yesterday?”

This is what a friend and coach of mine (Vincent Pugliese - Freelance To Freedom*, Total Life Freedom) had said to me. At JBahr Photo we believe in the constant pursuit of better. Not better for the sake of being better, but better for the sake of being the best version of ourselves. Better for the sake of constantly improving our situation. Better for the sake of being of more service to our communities.

My goal is to help you achieve this in your life. Whether it is by obtaining a family portrait to remind you of how much you have accomplished and how much you will continue to achieve, professional Instagram photos to bling your feed, or maybe it is a new business headshot that will help you feel like the boss that you are. I am here to help you put your dreams in motion, one moment at a time.

Jason Bahr is a photographer located near Denver, Colorado. As a photographer he has had the privilege to meet and work with a lot of amazing people to satisfy photographic needs for both individuals and large corporations. He has worked with Getty Images, the Colorado Avalanche, and AEG Presents. During this time, he serviced large corporate accounts, worked with celebrity talent, and was published worldwide.

*In speaking with Vincent about mentioning him in this blurb, he offered to give away free audio versions of his book Freelance To Freedom.